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16 April 2014

VOS B.V. develops “walk-to-work” vessel concept



Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) B.V. Den Helder has completed a first, new “walk-to-work” vessel concept design. The new design of vessel is aimed at providing a solution for the expected increase in client demand for offshore people-transfer solutions ("walk-to-work") in the oil & gas and renewable-energy markets.


The Vroon Offshore Services’ ‘’walk-to-work’’ vessel will offer comfortable, hotel-type accommodation and work space for up to 60 special personnel, a dedicated mezzanine deck incorporating a walk-to-work system, DP-2 functionality and ample deck space. In addition, the vessel can optionally be equipped with under-deck (20-ft container) storage areas, crane functionality, including a motion-controlled crane, and with work boats supported by heave-compensated davits.


Over recent years Vroon has offered several ‘’walk-to-work’’ solutions and the experience gained has been invaluable in the development of this new vessel concept. The company is currently in discussion with prospective clients to jointly review the vessel design and make adaptations for specific needs.


This new generation of “’walk-to-work’’ vessels is based on a KCM design, under construction for Vroon Offshore Services. Depending on client requirements, Vroon’s ‘’walk-to-work’’ vessels will be operational from 2016 onwards.



For further information, please contact:


Vroon Offshore Services B.V. Chartering Department

Panos Komninos or Pol Zijlmans

E: chartering@nl.vroonoffshore.com

T: +31 (0)223 673800



VESSEL PARTICULARS (not guaranteed)


  Length overall (approx.)

  80 m

  Breadth moulded

  18.4 m

  Depth to main deck

  7.8 m

  Max. draught / Design draught

  6.0 m

  Deadweight at max. draught

  3,600 tonnes

  Special Class Notation (ABS)

  DPS-2, FiFi 1, UWILD, Enviro

  Deck load

  1,500 tonnes

  Cargo deck area

  450 sqm

  Max. speed

  13.0 knots

  Additional information

  MLC2006 and SPS2008 compliant, Green Passport

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