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21 November 2014

VOS Hera joins Aberdeen fleet


We are delighted to welcome VOS Hera into the Vroon Offshore Services Aberdeen fleet.


Following her previous successful deployment for Vroon Offshore Italia SRL, the vessel has now been repositioned within the Vroon fleet to Aberdeen. She will operate under the UK flag, with Aberdeen as home port.


VOS Hera was built in 2010 at Fujian SouthEast Shipyard in China. She is a 65-ton bollard pull class B emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV), equipped with one daughter craft and one fast-rescue craft, tanker-assist and Fi-Fi 1 capabilities.


In addition to her primary tasks as an ERRV, VOS Hera’s extra classification as tanker-assist vessel means she can be employed in three additional core activities:


  1. Emergency tanker towing;
  2. Heading control - assisting a tanker in keeping its heading during connecting or disconnecting at an offshore installation;
  3. Single-anchor loading (SAL) hose handling - picking up a hose from the seabed and rotating the system in the direction of a tanker’s approach.


VOS Hera is the second tanker-assist vessel being redeployed to the Aberdeen fleet this year, joining her sister vessel, VOS Hades. On arrival in Aberdeen she will be prepared for ERRV duties, before starting her first charter next Thursday, 27 November.


We wish her and all who sail on her safe and successful voyages.



VOS Hera vessel particulars




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