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01 February 2016

VOS vessels earn Work Boat World’s Best ERRV Designer 2015 Award

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Vroon’s newbuilding vessels, VOS Glamour and VOS Glory, have helped earn their designer, Singapore-based Khiam Chuan Marine, the award of “Work Boat World’s Best ERRV Designed 2015”. This Award was announced in the January 2016 issue of Work Boat World.



“Yet another very multi-national collaboration, these fine vessels are Singapore-designed, Chinese-built, Dutch-owned, American-powered, Swedish-propelled and will be operated in the North Sea from Scotland.

Fujian Southeast Shipyard has delivered a pair of complex and sophisticated ships of highly developed shape that should perform their multitude of roles superbly.

Following the delivery of ‘Glamour’ and ‘Glory’, owner Vroon Offshore Services had 22 further OSVs on order at Fujian Southeast – a powerful vote of confidence in the builder.

The defining characteristic of the DP2 60-metre ERRV is its enclosed wave-piercing bow. Termed the “KohBow”, after its principal designer, its innovative structure significantly reduces wave and water resistance, increasing fuel efficiency, while making for a handsome distinctive look.

The mechanical-driven vessel also boasts of lesser vibrations and noise levels, as confirmed through rigorous testing and crew feedback. Other features include anti-rolling tanks for increased performance and crew comfort in extreme weather conditions, as well as a retractable bow thruster for easy manoeuvrability and reduced fuel consumption during daunting rescue missions.

Spacious accommodation arrangements allow for the current crew capacity of 25 to be increased to 33 with the conversion of single cabins into dual-sharing cabins. The vessel is SPS compliant, has a deck cargo area of 320m2 and deck cargo capacity of 500 tonnes.

Since 2011, close collaborations on various KCM-Vroon projects have cemented a strong working relationship between the two companies. To date, KCM has completed 39 vessel designs, with 20 upcoming vessels in the pipeline for the Dutch shipping giant. Projects include ERRVs, subsea-support vessels, PSVs, multi-purpose OSVs and walk-to-work vessels.

With the decline in oil prices, it’s safe to say that the global offshore industry is facing tough times, and will continue to do so for the next two-three years. KCM currently has 17 completed projects in 2015 and while business has definitely slowed, things have not come to a complete standstill.

A (KCM) company representative said that once the shipping cycle gets past this trough, and oil supply and demand stabilises, the offshore industry will be on the rise again. The company believes orders will pick up in 2016 and 2017, as they have seen more enquiries for vessels in recent months.”




VOS Gorgeous and VOS Grace complete the quartet of KCM-designed 60-metre ERRV/FSVs delivered to Vroon by Fujian Southeast Shipyard. The vessels are operated by Vroon Offshore Services Aberdeen.


We would like to congratulate KCM on receiving this prestigious award and thank them for the pleasant cooperation we have enjoyed with them. We look forward to continuing the good business relationship in the coming years.



Vessel particulars VOS Glamour

Vessel particulars VOS Glory



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