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09 September 2014

MT Iver Express rescues fisherman



Last Saturday, 6 September – while en route from Batangas, The Philippines, to Yeosu, South Korea - Vroon’s MT Iver Express was involved in the successful rescue of a fisherman who had spent some 12 hours in the water after going overboard from his fishing boat.


Iver Express crew spotted the fisherman in trouble near Subic Bay off the coast of The Philippines. The vessel immediately activated its “Man-Overboard” procedures, the fisherman was taken on board and received medical attention. We are pleased to report that he is in good condition and will sail with the vessel to Yeosu.


All relevant authorities have been informed of this rescue operation and arrangements are currently being made to return the fisherman safely to his family.


We would like to express our appreciation to the crew of Iver Express for their professionalism in carrying out their duty as mariners and are thankful for the successful outcome.


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