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22 August 2014

Vroon Offshore Services promotional film


Vroon Offshore Services Aberdeen have released a new promotional film, which can be viewed on the Vroon Group YouTube page.
The film shows VOS Pioneer and VOS Provider, emergency response and rescue/field-support vessels, on exercise in the North Sea.

Also shown is VOS Fabulous, a newly delivered ERRV, now operating out of Aberdeen. VOS Fabulous is the first of a ten-vessel newbuilding programme, with six 50m ERRVs being built at Nanjing and four 60m FSV vessels under construction at Fujian Southeast Shipyard, also in China. All ships have a revolutionary, wave-piercing bow shape that has been specially designed for Vroon.



Vroon Offshore Services Ltd. (VOSL) is located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. The company operates a diverse fleet of approximately 50 emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRV) and is the market leader for ERRV services on the UK continental shelf and in the Irish Sea. A major part of the fleet has cargo-carrying capabilities, while some vessels have towage and tanker-assist features. The company also has its own rescue-craft maintenance workshop in Montrose, Scotland. Crewing support is provided by Deeside Crewing Services Ltd., also located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. The company provides services to Deeside (Guernsey) Ltd. in support of crewing vessels for Vroon Offshore Services Ltd.

The Aberdeen-based companies jointly employ approximately 70 shore-based employees and 1,200 seafarers.


Follow the link for more information about Vroon Offshore Services Aberdeen.


Vessel particulars VOS Pioneer


Vessel particulars VOS Provider


Vessel particulars VOS Fabulous




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