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14 November 2018

Vroon 24 Safety Day kicks off



Noon-to-noon celebration of safety underway



Our annual Group-wide Safety Day, known as Vroon24, has kicked off! From noon to noon, across the timelines, we will be contacting all our vessels and offices for a chat about safety. At the kick-off, on Wednesday 14 November, it was noon in the East and 04:00 CET at the Vroon24 Centre in Breda. Our first Duty Officer is Eric Rikken (Group QHSE Manager), accompanied by Sofie Klitsie (Management Support).


Many thanks to our colleagues in the East, who have started celebrating their Vroon24! We have had some excellent safety chats so far and enjoyed a great talk with Dante Muyargas from our livestock carrier, Gudali Express. Gudali Express was the very first vessel to sign on. The first office colleague we spoke to was Cris Lumabi from Livestock Express in Singapore.


Welcome to you all!


The theme of this year’s Vroon24 is “ALL eyes on Safety”. Earlier this Autumn, we asked all colleagues, on- and offshore, to send in their video clips showing teamwork on board, or between ship and shore. We have already received some great video clips! Thanks for these and keep your input coming! We look forward to making this year’s Vroon24 as much of a success as previous years!



Contact us via vroon24@vroon.nl and follow our updates throughout Vroon24 on Facebook.



Get involved and celebrate safety!



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