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18 July 2019

‘SAFETYimpact’ QHSE solution by Vroon and SOFTimpact


Vroon, the international shipping company, extend their partnership with SOFTimpact, a maritime IT-service provider, by developing and implementing a QHSE-software solution called “SAFETYimpact”. Vroon already collaborates with SOFTimpact on crewing software solution “CREWimpact” and a unified vessel software solution “FLEETimpact”, meant for Crewing & QA documents.


Vroon operates and manages a diverse fleet of approximately 140 vessels. All company processes meet stringent safety requirements, in line with various environmental regulations and in adherence to Vroon’s Leaders in Safety (LIS) programme, reiterating the need for an evolution in the QHSE systems and processes.

On 17 April 2019, the SAFETYimpact kick-off meeting was held in Amsterdam. The participants included members of the project steering group, project team, QHSE managers, keys users, as well as Masters from the Offshore and Deepsea divisions. All stakeholders had the chance to align their understanding of the project, including their project role and expectations.


All participants were excited to confirm their commitment to the guiding principles, objectives and timeline of the project. The main principles are to “keep it super simple” and “keep it user friendly”. It was reaffirmed that the new solution should be unified with current Vroon systems, displaying a familiar layout. In addition, it should also allow flexibility to change QHSE workflows catering future requirements. The solution will also allow for notifications, actions and dashboards to help users staying in control of the QHSE processes.  


The SAFETYimpact software solution will cater for diverse Vroon QHSE needs, across all management companies and onboard all vessels. One of the key project goals is to reduce manual work and double data entry, as well as improve communication between vessels and the offices for QHSE processes.


As part of the agreement between Vroon and SOFTimpact, SAFETYimpact will be developed according to the business requirements of Vroon, with the aim to deliver a standard product, which will be configurable towards the QHSE processes of any shipping company.


Vroon www.vroon.nl

SOFTimpact www.soft-impact.com


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